13 Christmas Gifts That Give Back To Nature

De COP26 climate talks maybe come to an end, but we can keep the conversation going and increase the feel-good factor this year by choosing eco-friendly Christmas gifts giving back to nature.

‘After all, it’s the season of giving, and what better way to spread some seasonal happiness than by using our purchases to support charitable causes protect biodiversity, preservation of vital habitats en reduce the worst effects of climate change,

Gifts that give back are most certainly the Christmas trend we hope is to stay here. That, because the shopping season is gaining momentum, here’s how you can use your purchases to make a real difference.

1. Rewild the land with Half Rewilding

If buying land for rewild is beyond your budget and skills, buy a festive package from Heal Rewilding, a charity that buys degraded land and lets it regenerate naturally.

The common package (for you and a nature-loving companion) includes sponsorship of two Heal 3×3 plots, free access to each Heal site once opened, a PDF guide for rewilding, and some beautiful nature-inspired artwork.

Best of all, you and a friend will be contributing to the creation of vital habitat, improving the biodiversity of the UK and helping to slow down the ongoing climate change, which is (of course) the number one on everyone’s Christmas list .


2. Prison-grown houseplants from The Glasshouse

Do you have a friend with a passion for plants? Fix them with some leaves from The Glasshouse, a project that feeds us houseplant obsessed with training ex-criminals in a Level 2 horticulture qualification. The plants are grown and cared for by inmates from East Sutton Park Women’s Prison in Kent, who continue to support them with jobs and housing upon release. It is a great way to diversify the horticultural sector while filling our homes with lovely goodies.


3. Pollinator-positive skin care from Seilich

As the first Wildlife Friendly-certified skincare brand in the UK, Seilich takes its eco-credentials very seriously. It not only uses natural, native ingredients, which are produced in small batches using biological methods, it also has its own wild flower greiden. Two of them are purely to support wild animals, while the third is only harvested with 50% capacity to feed pollinators,

In addition, founder Sally Gouldston prefers natural flower water instead of essential oils (which are land- and resource-intensive in producing a lot of waste) and cold-pressed methods, to reduce energy and transportation-related emissions. Do you know someone who needs some R&R? De Meadow Gift Set includes a soothing herbal tea, a soothing room mist and a pack of wild seeds to sow your own pollinator-friendly spot.


4. Feanland restoration with The Peatlands of Britain and Ireland by Clifton Bain

Visiting a Peatland may not be at the top of everyone’s travel list, but lovers of slow travel are likely to fall for the dramatic landscapes pictured in The Peatlands of Britain and Ireland by Clifton Bain.

Not only is it full of beautiful photos on these understated and much-maligned areas of natural beauty (which are also impressive carbon stores), but your purchase supports peatland restoration. 15% of each copy of the book sold through Sandstone Press will be donated to the RSPB and its projects that restore and preserve these precious habitats.

Plus there is nothing like locking yourself up with a good book when the Christmas karaoke family starts.

Peatlands book



5. Tammam Climate stripe scarves for science

Wrap this winter warm with a scarf that is as much of a conversation starter as it is a fashion statement. This is because these are not just old stripes, they were first designed by climate scientist Ed Hawkins to illustrate the catastrophic rise in global temperatures since 1850. Each region represents a year, with, as you may have guessed, dark blues symbolizing cold years and dark reds symbolizing warm years.

Each scarf is pulled by hand by artisans in India and there are two versions – organic cotton or the more spenny moth-friendly peace silk. Profits will go to charity for environmental and funded climate science research at the University of Reading, so hopefully the next stripe range will include less red.

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6. Festive scents against hunger

Madagascar is currently experiencing what is believed to be the first famine caused by climate change, caused by severe drought. Charities like SEED Madagascar provide emergency food assistance, and also work on long-term solutions, including helping families move to insect farming.

Donate right away, and if the mood takes you, treat a loved one with a Scintilla gift box. Scintilla promotes ethical source ingredients and splits 10% of profits between Seed Madagascar and Mental Health Charity Mind. With its subtle orange and cinnamon-scented soap and candle, the Holiday Box is bound to get the scroogiest of your friends in the Christmas spirit.


7. Christmas cards for preservation

Gift Wild stock a wonderful selection of nature-inspired cards made with 100% recycled, uncoated paper and printed with plant-based ink, which arrive happily without that annoying plastic sleeve.

Depending on which card you choose, donations will be made to the RSPB, Butterfly Conservation, Marine Conservation Society and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.


8. Conflict-Free Jewelery by Rhimani

For the friend who loves a little bling, but prefers it without exploitation, child labor or unsafe work practices, Rimani is. The glass beaded jewelry is handcrafted in London and Nairobi by female artisans and 10% of its profits are donated to Tusk, a charity that fights poaching and protects more than 40 endangered species and their habitat.

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9. Preserve Nature on Camera with Film Nature

Know someone with a phone addiction who would benefit from some fresh Yorkshire air? Film Nature offers one-on-one wildlife photography sessions that result in your very own nature film. Plus, £ 30 of each Fantastic Flycatchers and Going Cuckoo experience goes directly to protecting the habitat and birds you will (hopefully) pick up.

The workshops are led by local curator and birder Paul Wheatley aka de @LeedsBirder and rely on phonescoping techniques (combining a phone camera with the zoom of a telescope) and distance filming to ensure minimal disturbance to wildlife. The result may not compete with the likes of a David Attenborough doctor, but we’m sure he would be proud of both ways.


10. Help Reforest England with Reforest Britain

While we usually spend this time of year worrying about where we should place ourselves this Christmas tree, it’s also a great time to plant a tree. Reforest Britain lists all the major tree planting projects in the UK with experiences ranging from consecrating a tree in the name of a loved one, to a more personal tree planting ceremony.

Some offer a chance to plant and visit your tree, while others are not marked and send you a certificate. But with forest cover standing at 13%, the sense of well-being of stimulating England’s gappy canopy is one that will last long after the last mince pie is eaten.


11. The Odysea tree-fund hamper

Serious foodies love a hamper. And this one from Odysea is a win-win for durability and stomach. In addition to providing you with a pot of olives for virtually every occasion, The Odysea & Rovies Plant-A-Tree Fund Hamper donates proceeds to Let’s Do It Greece, a charity replanting the areas affected by devastating wildfires that swept over last summer Greece fell. To whomever we give this, we want to be there when they pack.


12. Stand up for land rights with The Landworkers’ Alliance Calendar

What better way to keep track of the events of the year than with this beautiful calendar that has a different community-based climate solution for each month, from regeneratively growing fashion to nurturing the bottom of the world. The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, forest rangers and farm workers and everything sold in their shop goes to their work by emphasizing rural justice, agroecology and food sovereignty. The calendar is printed on 100% recycled paper and at the end of the year you can always cut out the dates and you will be left with 12 beautiful Rosanna Morris prints.

gifts give back to nature

Farmers’ Alliance


13. Drink with a clear conscience

It would not be Christmas without a festive tip or two and these days it’s easy enough to slip away guilt free, (though we can not promise that this fate will be without cat).

For cocktail fan couple Belvedere Organic Infusions Vodka with Idyll Drinks pineforest soda, The former is certified 100% organic, fully traceable and uses a climate-resistant heritage grain rye, while the latter donates 10p for every can sold to Rewilding Britain and has committed itself to using only regenerative methods and sustainable foraged ingredients.

And if you like the idea of ​​raising a glass for rewilding, give it a try Atlano Douro Rewilding Wine in aid of Rewilding Portugal’s conservation work in the Greater Côa Valley. In addition to protecting wildlife such as the griffon, Iberian lynx and Iberian wolf, the 2.25L bag-in-a-tube is said to be more carbon-friendly than the same volume in glass.

For cider swiggers, there is Local Fox Cider produced with surplus apples and whose sales support the work of The Orchard Project, a charity protecting and planting community farms across the UK.

For the whiskey lover in your life, it has to be Project Wingman Bird Feeder bottles, € 3 of each sale supports the work of Birdlife International and the copper case can be reused as an adorable bird feeder.

And the beer gods in your life? Fauna Brewing en Endangered Brewing serve craft beer that supports the conservation efforts of Cheetah Conservation, Painted Dog Conservation, the African Pangolin Working Group and the Born Free Foundation. Bottom up!

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