‘Divorce case costing over Rs 65 lakh per day for strategic Chardham road project’ | India News

NEW DELHI: The cost burden of the strategic Chardham road project is nearly 65 lakh Rs per day, as the works are stuck due to a pending case in the Supreme Court, according to an estimate prepared by the government. TOI has learned that the cumulative cost overrun in the past year is close to Rs 240 crore.
The project is pending because the Supreme Court is hearing a case filed against the Ministry of Roads and Highways alleging violations of environmental standards for this project. The court has yet to rule on the breadth of the strategic road project, which is expanding near the China border in Uttarakhand.
Recently, the Cabinet Secretary had asked all departments to consult with the relevant Attorney General and state governments for effective handling of lawsuits, which affect major infrastructure projects and also cause losses to the treasury. At least 93 infrastructure projects are affected by court rulings and they have an associated cost of around Rs 14,700 crore, a source said.
TOI has learned that the Chardham road project was divided into 53 works and 40 of them with a cumulative length of 672 km have been sanctioned for Rs 9,475 crore. Of the 40 sanctioned works, 38 are assigned, which have a total length of 646 km. One work has been excluded on the basis of technical unviability and the remainder requires revision of the project report based on the final decision on the width of the road.
Sources said that nine ongoing works with a total length of 170 km have been delayed due to the SC’s ongoing decision regarding the finalization of the track width and in the same way the detailed project reports of 11 works with a total length of 162 km have been delayed due to to the awaited court decision.

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