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17-year-old Drives His Father’s BMW X1 While a Man Sits on the Hood [Video]

Social media has become a double-edged sword these days. On one hand, it helps us stay updated with trends and entertains us. On the other hand, it makes people do stupid things and share videos of it online. Just recently, another stupid video was shared online. In this short clip, a 17-year-old boy was allegedly driving his used BMW X1 SUV while a 21-year-old stupid boy was sitting on the hood. The shocking thing is that all this happened on a very busy road.

This video showing how stupid people can be to get views was shared by Bitman Raj on X (formerly Twitter). According to reports, this incident was reported from Kalyan near Mumbai, Maharashtra. In this short clip, a white first generation BMW X1 can be seen entering the frame of the video with a boy on the hood.

According to reports, the boy is 21 years old and the driver of the car is 17 years old. Sources have also reported that the car belongs to the boy’s father, who was driving it on the main road. Apparently, the boy asked his father to buy a used BMW after getting inspiration from influencers on social media.

What happens next?

little boy on the hood of a BMW X1

As the first clip continues, you can see the cameraman following this vehicle, which then stops at a traffic light. Here, too, the 21-year-old boy is sitting on the hood. This time, however, he is laughing in front of the cameraman and enjoying his little trip on the hood.

Has the police taken any action?

Currently, there are reports that a case has been filed against the owner of this BMW X1. It has also been reported that the father of this child is a government official.

Officials investigating the case said: “The officer was charged with allowing his minor son to drive without a license.”

Further violations against this BMW X1

illegal mods on the BMW X1

Besides the main offence of an underage driver and an unsafe passenger losing their license, this particular BMW X1 also violates a number of other rules. It is noticeable that the car is missing a number plate at the front. On the rear one, where there is a number plate, the numbers are in Hindi.

Apart from that, we can also notice that all the windows are tinted. These windows do not have a light tint, which is legal. Rather, they have a completely dark black tint that shows nothing of the interior.

Used BMW X1

Currently, the first generation BMW X1 has become extremely affordable as seen in the video above. They are currently being sold in the used car market for around Rs 500,000 to Rs 900,000. This is why many people buy them because they can boast of the BMW logos on the front and back.

young man on the hood of a BMW X1

As mentioned earlier, young people on social media are keen to flaunt their wealth online. Due to this, people take various steps to portray their lives as better than they actually are. This particular case is a prime example of this phenomenon which is on the rise in India.

This particular generation of BMW X1 was offered with two engine options. The first was the sDrive 1.8i petrol engine with 147.5 bhp and the other was the sDrive 2.0d diesel engine with 174 bhp. When it was launched in 2010, it was priced at Rs 22 lakh. At that time, it was the cheapest BMW in India.

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