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15 Expensive-Looking Linen Pants, Jumpsuits, and Tops Under $30

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For those of Us If you love European fashion, there is nothing better than the linen trend. It is lightweight, breathable, skin-friendly and looks absolutely luxurious. Whether you’re rocking a linen jumpsuit or lounging in baggy linen pants, you’ll look like you’re carrying a ton of change.

Most linen pieces are also non-patterned, allowing you to perfect both Scandinavian and minimalist styles at the same time! It’s dreamy – well, minus the price. Most linen pieces are quite expensive, but we found 15 linen pants, jumpsuits, and tops that look expensive but are under $30. Here we go!

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1. Office Ready: These pants add elegant and professional energy. Pair them with a loose white blouse and you’ll be the most stylish girl wherever you go – only $25!

2nd beach day: All you need are flip flops and sunglasses. These flowy pants will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long – only $27!

3. Just Dance: When you hear Lady Gaga’s song in your head – same thing. These pants will make you want to jump, spin, and yes, dance – only $30!

4. Nautical Blue: Stripes, buttons, and a Hamptons-esque style are just a few things we love about these flattering pants – only $10!

5. Casual flair: You’ll always look great whether you’re lounging, shopping, sipping coffee, or anything in between – only $27!


6. Jumpsuits are back: If you follow fashion, you know that jumpsuits, wide-leg jeans, retro t-shirts and weathered sneakers are back in style – just $25!

7. Amalfi Coast: This outfit will transport you somewhere in Italy with lots of sunshine and good energy – only $28!

8. Short Jumpsuit: Also known as a romper, this linen-look outfit will keep you temperate on all your hot girl walks – originally $27, now just $22!

9. Baggy Look: We love the oversized jumpsuit look for many reasons! This is a great option if you’re feeling bloated – only $23!

10. Eye-catcher: Don’t be surprised if people constantly ask about your outfit. . . and what you do for a living – just $28!


11. Wild Hem: The hem of this short sleeve top will immediately make you click “Add to Cart”. . . that’s what happened Us – only $25!

12. Boxy Fit: Featuring a round collar, rolled up sleeves and a stunning pink hue, this top pairs perfectly with black jeans and sneakers – originally $27, now just $20!

13. Classy Girl: Get ready to be the ultimate trendsetter in your neighborhood. This loose sweater will keep you stylish through spring, summer, fall, and winter – only $27!

14. Button Down: Wear it casually or dress it up for the office, nice dinners or birthday parties. There are almost 30 colors to choose from, so have fun with it – only $11!

15. Obviously Linen: There are some tops that look like this could It’s supposed to be made of linen, but this tank top is clearly made from the luxe material – originally $31, now just $20!

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The phrase “less is more” has many applications, but is especially true when it comes to luxurious-looking fashion. Scandi Girl, Minimalist, Rich Mom and Clean Girl styles are extremely popular right now and for good reason! But remember that the look of simple elegance is an art and can be used anywhere – even on the beach. […]

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