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15 Comfortable Pants for the Transition from Spring to Summer

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We can’t believe the official start of summer is just over a month away! What’s more, It’s time to start planning your wardrobe for the hottest months of the year. If you are Run errands for the kids or hang out with the girls and stick with it Cool and as airy as possible is essential. One way to achieve this is to opt for comfortable, airy pants.

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Finding pieces that seamlessly transition from the cooler to the warmer months can be a bit of a challenge in itself. Add to that the search for flattering pieces for a curvier body type – something that has historically (and unfortunately) been excluded from the fashion market – and you’ve got a real task on your hands […]

From flowy pants to structured denim, there’s a comfortable transitional pant style to make the warmer months easier. Still, we’ve rounded up 15 comfortable pants to transition from spring to summer, starting at just $20—read on to see our picks!

1. Relax: This High waist linen palazzo pants are versatile and feature an intricate ankle design that allows you to cool down easily – only $30!

2. Cabinet clip: This Linen palazzo pants have wide legs and an elastic waistband for added comfort – only $36!

3. Shared Perfection: For those who like to feel breezy during the hot months, here are these Wide-leg pants can do the trick thanks to their split-front leg design – just $28!

4. Ahoy, buddy: This Wide-leg jeans feature two front pockets and a chic button-down design with a nautical vibe – just $40!

5. Ready for the Beach: If you are planning a vacation, this Wide-leg pants are an easy option that will have you covered – just $34!

6. Y2K Vibes: For those who love the lightness of Y2K style, this one High-waisted cargo pants help you achieve your look thanks to their relaxed, athletic fit – only $29!

7. Essential for everyday life: These cotton-gauze wide-leg pants will have you feeling breezy, and they’re so neutral—only $60!

8. Flow On: We love these wide-leg crop pants because their cut and fit make them look great with heels or sneakers – only $79!

9. Wear Anything: The cargo pants trend is here to stay, and these wide-leg cargo pants are an easy way to try it out – just $69!

10. Transition Favorite: Put on these wide-leg button-down pants and you’ll have a casual look that can be worn effortlessly from day to night – just $118!

11. 90s Inspiration: This Mid-rise, straight-leg jeans have a nostalgic look that pairs well with t-shirts and ruffled blouses – only $46!

12. On the go: These cargo parachute sweatpants are stylish and carry all your essentials – only $23!

13. Comfort Queen: For those who need the lightness of leggings, these High-waisted denim leggings will elevate your ensembles – $54, now just $41!

14. Wrinkles, please! Dressing for the office can be a chore, but when you choose these pleated wide-leg pants, that won’t be the case – only $129!

15. Hot Mom: This Wide-leg capri pants feature pockets and are suitable for casual or formal moments – only $20!

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